Having thorough knowledge in real estate consulting, acquisitions, financing, legal services and development we have formed an integrated real estate platform enabling us to aim and achieve nothing but pure success.

Having extensive experience and based in Athens and Corfu island in Greece, we provide tailor made real estate proposals to both short -and long- term investors.

Potential Real Estate Development and its team believe in an investment philosophy and organizational structure that aims to uncover and present great opportunities and special conditions ahead of the market providing top levels of service, professionalism and trust.

Potential Real Estate Development is a privately held and management-owned company that its mission is attaining excellence; something that we know that comes only with a vision and everyday hard qualitative work mentality that becomes constructive habit.



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We constantly analyze the market looking for relevant investment strategies and special situations. 

We are firmly dedicated to capitalizing on trends as soon as we identify them, often before they are recognized by the market. We source acquisitions predominantly through direct contact with owners or through relationships that were made years in advance developing a robust pipeline.


Potential provides simple and explicit information and proposals that “make sense” for the investors in an objective way ideal and ready for implementation in the demanding overall local business environment that requires high expertise, precision and fast execution.




Potential in cooperation with X Architecture, its sister company, create added value through its cutting-edge design in accordance always to cost-conscious renovations examining the general real estate view of each project. Our top expertise partners and their teams can provide high-end result executing them both in detail and on time.


Potential uses its strongest asset that is its “software”; the personal strong industry relationships that have been developed over the years and enable to discover first look and off market opportunities; a recipe that has proven to be the success behind all of the acquisitions resulting in rewards for the clients’ and the partners of the firm.




Alex Michalas

Founder / Operating Manager

Alex Michalas, was born in Athens in 1979 and is a certified real estate broker in Greece. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Leisure Management and in Marketing from the University of Alberta in Canada (2001). He has worked in the private sector for Elgeka Logistics and in 2007 he founded Potential Real Estate Development. The company has a wide range of services including real estate brokerage, real estate consulting, real estate management and real estate investment potential. ​A real enthusiast for real estate projects, he brings his passion and knowledge in the field combined with hard work aiming only for the top. Optimistic with objectivity and measured results he has managed to expand his firm and take it a lot further exploring new areas and facing new challenges. His work ethic and his relentless passion for excellence are the things that drive him the most.

Potential has created partnerships with top professionals in the greater area of real estate brokerage, construction and financing. We have a solid partners base team and our single priority is to satisfy all types of investors and provide them with successful results. We seek for excellence we provide such services.

Pavlos Xanthopoulos

Pavlos Xanthopoulos

X Architecture

Michalis Petsas

Michalis Petsas



Marios Xintaris

48HOURS Real Estate Agency






September 03, 2022

Luxury realty purchases reach unprecedented levels

Luxury real estate sales in Greece are breaking one record after another this year, according to Greece Sotheby’s International Realty. The specialized agency reports record-high sales figures in traditional areas of high interest such as Mykonos as well ...

August 26, 2022

Greece’s growth higher
than forecast;
budget deficit lower

UBS, the Swiss-based investment bank has considerably raised its growth forecast for Greece’s gross domestic product (GDP) for 2022 while the finance ministry in Athens announced a much lower primary deficit ...

May 24, 2022

There is already a significant slowdown in European economies. Southern European countries appear to be in a better position at the moment, mainly due to tourism. However, it won’t be long before the effects of the recession on the major ...


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